Wednesday, October 26, 2011

Pokémon GETTO da ze

How many of you grew up watching Pokémon?

Okay, and how many of you were introduced to the world of anime through Pokémon?

Now, how many of you wondered why all the anime shows you discovered later felt so much more authentically Japanese than Pokémon ever did?

This blog will be my effort to explore the original Japanese version of the Pocket Monsters universe - that is, the unaltered version, the version that didn't have to sanitize itself for international (read: American) broadcasting. I'm hardly the first person on the Internet to do this; just look at the folks hard at work on, or the endlessly educational Dogasu's Backpack. Those sites were (and continue to be) an inspiration to me. Just about all I learned about Japanese culture, I learned from Pocket Monsters.

I plan to make this blog a hub for all fans of the Japanese version to find and share information. There'll be analysis of the show, fan art, articles on Japanese culture, and more. To anyone who's watched Pokémon on Kids' WB or Cartoon Network and felt like they were missing something, this is the place to find it.

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